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Best Final Expense Deals for Seniors in 2023

There are hundred’s of choices for insurance but how do you know which one is stable or if you’re getting the best deal? Is what you have even the right type?

We work with all the preferred carriers across the nation to ensure you get the best deal tailored to your budget and needs. No surprises.

Let us do the work!

A free quote is easy. Then you can decide what is best to protect your family.


We are a fiduciary.

Many insurance agents work for one company, making them “captive” and unable to go outside of their parent company to compare rates or features… I’m sure they’re great people but would that arrangement benefit their customer’s?

That’s where we come in…

We are brokers and that means we look at all the preferred insurance carriers to give you the options you deserve to see. We work for you, not the insurance companies. We are educators… not captive sales agents. So, who benefits in this arrangement? You do.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Guaranteed money to pay for funerals and or any expenses after death. Cash value accumulations provide living benefits.

Children’s Life Insurance Policies

Life long options to give your children and grandchildren a head start while the prices are super low.

Rent & Mortgage Protection

Designed to keep your family in your home in the event the main bread winner isn’t around to provide for the family.

Solutions for Lifetime Income

Options to never run out of money, no matter how long you live. Then, flip the income to your heirs.

Looking for final expense quotes without a hassle?